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Managed LoginItems with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft bring with Intune Service Release 2301 from January a new way to manage the Manage Login Items Notifications for macOS Devices and have thus implemented Apple’s specifications very well.

However, it seems that a mistake has crept in.

Screenshot Jan 2023


Screenshot May 2023 shows an additional field “Team Identifier“. The problem here is that this field is an optional key. However, Intune forces me to enter a value there. It becomes problematic when I do not have a team identifier, such as with a shell script.

Apple Developer Service Management Managed Login Items Rule also show clear which keys are required and which are optional.

The bug has already been reported to Microsoft and we hope it will be fixed soon.

Published in macOS MEM/Intune Ventura

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  1. RobertK RobertK

    I have observed the same thing, at least the already active clients are not affected as long as we do not touch the profile. Please keep us informed! Thanks

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